User Modes

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User Mode Mode Description
c Blocks private messages and notices from users who do not share a common channel with you (requires the commonchans module).
d Deaf mode. User will not receive any messages or notices from channels they are in (requires the deaf module).
g In combination with /ACCEPT, provides for server-side ignore (requires the callerid module).
h Marks as 'available for help' in WHOIS (server operators only, requires the helpop module).
i Makes invisible to /WHO if the user using /WHO is not in a common channel.
k Prevents the user from being kicked from channels, or having op modes removed from them (services only, requires the servprotect module).
o Marks as a server operator.
s <mask> Receives server notices specified by <mask> (server operators only).
r Marks as a having a registered nickname (requires the services account module).
w Receives wallops messages.
x Gives a cloaked hostname (requires the cloaking module).
z Only allow private messages from TLS (SSL) users (requires the sslmodes module).
B Marks as a bot (requires the botmode module).
D Privdeaf mode. User will not receive any private messages or notices from users (requires the deaf module).
G Censors messages sent to the user based on filters configured for the network (requires the censor module).
H Hides an oper's oper status from WHOIS (requires the hideoper module).
I Hides a user's entire channel list in WHOIS from non-server operators (requires the hidechans module).
L Stops redirections done by the redirect module (requires the redirect module).
O Allows server operators to opt-in to overriding restrictions (requires the override module).
R Blocks private messages from unregistered users (requires the services account module).
S Strips formatting codes out of private messages to the user (requires the stripcolor module).
W Receives notifications when a user uses WHOIS on them (server operators only, requires the showwhois module).