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ChanServ allows you to register and control various aspects of channels. ChanServ can often prevent malicious users from "taking over" channels by limiting who is allowed channel operator privileges. Available commands are listed below; to use them, type /msg ChanServ command. For more information on a specific command, type /msg ChanServ HELP command

Note that any channel which is not used for 90 days (i.e. which no user on the channel's access list enters for that period of time) will be automatically dropped.



REGISTER #channel [description]

Registers a channel in the ChanServ database. In order to use this command, you must first be a channel operator on the channel you're trying to register.
The description, which is optional, is a general description of the channel's purpose.

When you register a channel, you are recorded as the "founder" of the channel. The channel founder is allowed to change all of the channel settings for the channel; ChanServ will also automatically give the founder channel-operator privileges when s/he enters the channel.

See the ACCESS command (/msg ChanServ HELP ACCESS) for information on giving a subset of these privileges to other channel users.

NOTICE: In order to register a channel, you must have first registered your nickname.